In 1995 I published my first book 'Chains Unbound: Slave Emancipations in Greenwich, Connecticut.' My original intention was for it to be used as an educational resource. This is an online companion site that I've created, especially for those of you utilizing online resources and smartphones. I've also included additional items and news articles not found in the 1995 edition. Jeffrey Bingham Mead, Historian and Author. October 13, 2014.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Welcome and Introduction by Author/Historian Jeffrey Bingham Mead

When I published Chains Unbound: Slave Emancipations in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1995 I never intended it to be a textbook. That still holds true now in 2015, literally twenty years since it was released to the public. 

For some time now my desire has been to put the text of that publication online. I toyed with the idea of publishing a second edition. A few of you suggested it. 

But those who know me well understand when I assert that simple is best. And so it is. It has to be. Let's just say that my interests have diversified. I've occasionally called for a 30-hour day. I'm fearful that some legislative body might seriously grant my wish! 

More than anything, my decision to create this online site sprang from years of teaching international students in Hawaii and the Asia Pacific Rim. The emergence of smartphones and portable learning devices and technologies convinced me that making this fascinating material freely available online was what I was destined to do.

I hope that Chains Unbound: Slave Emancipations in Greenwich, Connecticut excites and invigorates further efforts to preserve the history of this town. There is much about the  Black or African American heritage of this town and others in the region that remains to be told.

When I released the book I challenged other historians, historical associations and individuals to publish similar materials from towns and cities in the region. Here it is Year 2015. No one has accepted. That's unfortunate. It's never too late. 

As an educator by profession, this online site should be used by teachers and students, scholars and those who enjoy the study of history to satisfy curiosity and pure enjoyment.

It is my pleasure to share all this with you. No grant funds were involved in the creation of this site. I do not profit from this site -but I certainly hope that you do. 

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By the way, I accept invitations to come to your meeting, your classroom or event to guest-lecture in-person, online or by phone on this subject -and many others. Don't be shy about getting in touch with me. 

Historically yours, now, evermore -and everywhere,

Jeffrey Bingham Mead

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