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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Emancipation of Cuff by Robert Field (1776)

Emancipation of Cuff
by Robert Field
Archives of the Historical Society of the 
Town of Greenwich, Connecticut
Signed: February 8, 1776
Not registered in Greenwich Town Records

To all Whom it may Concern: Know ye that I
Robert Field of ye Township of Greenwich in the
County of Fairfield and Colony of Connecticut do
Considering the Case of Negroes now in Slavery
believing they Should be free do hereby declare
my negro man named Cuff to be free and that
henceforth he shall be free and at Liberty from me
and my Heirs Executors & Administrators as if he
had never been a Slave and I nor my Heirs nor any
Person Whatsoever under me shall have any Claim or pro
-perty whatsoever in or unto the Said Negro man named
Cuff Whom I now Let free to all intents and purposes
as far as in me his. In Witness Whereof I have
Set my Hand and Seal this 8th day of the Second
month (Called February) Anno Domini 1776.

Witness present,
David Halsted                                     Robert Field
Benedict Carpenter

The Emancipation of Cuff by Robert Field (Source: William E. Finch, Jr.,
Archives. The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich)

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