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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Emancipation of Candas Bush by Fanny Bush (1825)

by Fanny Bush
Volume 20, Page 823
Signed: January 3, 1825
Recorded: January 3, 1825

We the Civil Authority and Selectmen of the Town of Greenwich County of Fairfield do 
hereby Certify that on Examination of Candas Bush a Slave of Fanny Bush of said 
Greenwich is a proper person for Emancipation as is provided by a certain Statute Law of 
this State in such case made and provided Entitled an Act to prevent Slavery. Dated at 
Greenwich the 3rd day of January 1825.
In Presence of Joshua Ferris           Civil       
Ard Reynolds                                 Authority                              Ashahel Palmer  Selectmen

Know all men by these Presents that I Fanny Bush of Greenwich in Fairfield County 
And State of Connecticut, do by these Presents forever release Emancipate and make free 
my present Slave & Servant Candas Bush so that neither I my Heirs Executors or 
Administrators or Assigns shall have any Claim or demand on the said Candas for her Service 
Labour or Bondage whatsoever.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 3rd day of January 1825
In Presence of Sally Bush, Grace Bush                                        Fanny Bush   L.S.

Rec'd for Record January 3rd AD 1825
and Recorded by me John Jay Tracy  Town Clerk

A reduced-sized photocopy of the recorded emancipation of Candas (Candice) Bush. 

The marble gravestone marking the final resting place of Candice (Candas) Bush.
Union Cemetery, Second Congregational Church, Greenwich, Connecticut. 

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