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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Emancipation of Rose by Rev. Dr. Isaac Lewis (1799)

by the Reverend Dr. Isaac Lewis
Volume 14, Page 400
Signed: March 23, 1799
Recorded: March 30, 1799     

State of Connecticut Fairfield County ss In Greenwich
Whereas application has been made to us the subscribers Justices of peace
in and for said Fairfield County by the Rev. Doctor Isaac Lewis of said
Greenwich expressing a desire to emancipate and make free his
negro woman Rose. And agreeably to the Statute Law of this 
State Entitled "an Act in addition to and alteration of an Act con-
cerning Indian, Mulatto and negro servants and Slaves." We have
enquired, examined and find the said Rose to be a healthy person and
between twenty five and forty five years of age and also have personally
examined said Rose who appears desirous to be made free aforesaid.
We therefore hereby certify that the said Rose is a proper person to be
emancipated and made free according to said Statute Law. Given under
our hands and test of Office this 23d day of March AD 1799.
                                                                             Amos Mead      Justices of
                                                                             Ebenzr Mead    peace     

Know all men by these presents that on receiving the above certifi-
cate I the Subscriber Isaac Lewis of said Greenwich in Fairfield Coun-
ty and State of Connecticut Do hereby give, grant, emancipate, make
free and set at liberty my negro woman slave called Rose free and
clear from my heirs, executors and administrators and from every
other person claiming from by or under me or them and that she be
a Slave to no person. And from the date hereof said Rose is permitted
to go for herself and transact her won business according to the
Statute Law above mentioned.  In witness whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and seal the 23d day of March AD 1799
In presence of     Isaac Lewis  L.S.
Amos Mead
David Holmes

Rec'd to record March ye 30th AD 1799
And recorded by me Jabez Fitch  Register

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